Friday, February 6, 2009

Naan Kadavul

I have never thought of writing a blog so far in my life but this day turned out to be really pathetic after watching the movie "Naan kadavul" from director bala after his three consecutive stupendous success. I think now onwards he is going to be considered as one of the most attitude directors in terms of his thoughts, his way of expressing thoughts etc.. Getting into the movie, Dont worry anyways I am not going to reveal the story but only want to share my views.

Let me first share the plus of the movie is none other than "Pooja" I guess many of you who read this will now be wondering that why i mentioned Pooja's name as the first plus of the movie, you will realize this only when you get to watch the movie. Even I was shocked to see her in born talents towards acting. Hats off to director for extracting out her full potential because nobody else has tried it out so far from her. She will stand in everyone's heart when you come out of the theatre.Her character is shaped really well and she has put her full effort to bring out the character really well. Hurray!! we have got another actress who has proven herself for the first time.

The second plus for the movie is the Maestro "Ilayaraja" who has again proven his excellency both in songs and background score. The title song and the introduction song of Arya are too good and it was very suitable to the situation. I could say that Ilayaraja is one of the gifts to Tamil cine Industry.

Now going into the negatives of the film, there are so many. I am starting with the director who has shown his complete attitude in the movie. I would like to ask a question Has he ever thought that the movie is going to be watched by children and women? There are so many gory scenes which can't be watchable by everyone especially women and children. The climax is as expected, yet another negative ending which reminds me of Paruthiveeran but thank god it is not worse than that.

The second and the Unexpected negative is the charcter of Arya. He has got good talents and he has really acted well in the movie but the potential is not upto the expectation. I think the director could have extracted more from him. He is totally wasted in the movie. I would always say that he has put so much effort to bring out the character but unfortunately it is not used so well in the movie. Ultimately this is also the mistake of the director.

Overall my comment on the movie is not worth watchable except for the people who really like the direction of Bala. My personal suggestion to gals and kids Please don't watch the movie and to boys if you are a weak hearted person Please avoid watching the movie. One thing I can assure to others is that you will feel for the beggars after watching the movie. The tamil film directors especially the commercial ones have got yet another villain for their movies now.

I started blogging after watching the movie so people you can make out that how far the movie has affected me. Beware of Bala!!!!


  1. Dude..Cool cool..
    You have made ur point..
    This kind of review was expected..
    I haven't seen the movie and won't for another month atleast..Tamil movies are not released here.. Lets see..
    What made me wonder is there are so many bloggers around and their blogs haven't inspired u in writing a blog, but this did..

  2. good review...thanks for intimating us before..
    we ppl in hyderabad don even see tamil posters around. i am sure it ll take a decade for naan kadavul to release and i am not interested in watching it after ur review.. congrats on ur blog...keep this good work going..

  3. First things first - Damn good for the first blog that you have written.

    Coming back to naan kadavul let me tell you one thing cinema is all about expressing your thoughts if people accept it the film's a hit. So its all about thinking along the lines of majority to make a film successful.Bala is trying to defy the odds and has been successful in the past, he might have been carried away in this film but i think we must give him more time watch his subsequent movies than writing him off. I would say its better than what Vijay gives atleast its different.

  4. going to Mayajaal for the night show !

    Finger s Croseed !

    Welcome to the blogger World

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  6. hey..nice blog..keep it going! :)

    My blog for Naan Kadavul.
    If reality is so pathetic for even wathcing, think of people who are suffering from it. Hats off to Bala. Ultimate movie. It would have been great if the movie was not censored in climax. Reality sucks, what to do. Atleast realize it.

  8. Dude, The Hero did act well. He had his share of scene, but they din cross the censor board. So it would be fair to complain that he was not used well. Btw, nice review..

  9. Hi dude,U are absolutely right.Padatha parthutu vantha night thukamay varala....Aarya vara scene ellthaiyum trailerlayae vanthuruchi...Pooja va pakanum na Padathuku polam....And he showed different types of handicaps too.I got really astonished by seeing those peoples.....whether like these handicaps r existed here.....

    "Cheers" to KISHORE for his review....


    நாங்களும் ப்ளாக் வெச்சுருக்கோம். இனி நாங்களும் போஸ்ட் பண்ணுவோம்.